I highly recommend San-Ken Homes to anybody and everybody. They have lots of plan options, found great lots to build the houses on, and do a great job completing the project. My husband and I decided to change the layout to fit our lifestyle and San-Ken was more than helpful in adjusting the house to fit us. We love our home and people are always impressed when they come out and visit. Anybody who chooses San-Ken as their builder will be more than impressed with their quality, professionalism, and timeliness.

Joshua S.

After hunting for over a year to find the right location, right builder, and the right support contractors, I am happy to announce that we made the right decision to have San-Kens build our home in Milford, NH.

Ralph S. and Caryl A.

We enjoyed working with Kenny Lehtonen and San-Ken Homes very much. Kenny was always accommodating in every aspect of the building process. The level of professionalism was top notch any time there was an issue to be addressed his response time was immediate. We are completely satisfied with our new home and would highly recommend San-Ken Homes to anybody.

Dona W.

Love our dream home! Bought a new construction built by San-Ken Homes and it is everything my wife and I could ask for! Kenny has gone out of his way more than once to accommodate us. I look forward settling into my new home with my family.

Tim T.

Here we go again! This is our 2nd home with this wonderful family 🙂 We are so excited to build another home with San-Ken Homes. It is so relaxing to know that we are getting a quality product that is dependable and beautiful. San-Ken Homes Inc. takes the worry out of building a gorgeous home.
Thanks guys!!!!

Michael and Donna W.

These folk built us a home 5 years back did a wonderful job and now we are looking to build another one in Milford NH they are easy people to work with and do great quality work I would like to thank them again.

Michael W.

We purchased our first home through San-Ken Homes and are currently building our second home with them. I can’t say enough good things about them!

Katelyn H.

Thank you San-Ken Homes for building a quality home and finishing 20 days ahead of schedule! The San-Ken team was very flexible, listened to our extensive requirements, and provided fair and reasonable pricing and suggestions to create our new home. Having built previous homes, we were very impressed with San-Kens performance and quality workmanship including many impressive standard upgrades. Thank you for building Bedford quality in Milford!

Angel K.

Kenny was the sales agent for our beautiful new home on Boynton Hill Road in Milford, built by San-Ken Homes, Kenny’s family’s business. Kenny was our point of contact throughout the process (we signed the P&S when the home was 80% complete). This is the 4th time we have worked with a builder on a new home – and no one else is even close to Kenny as far as responding to all of our questions and concerns. He takes great pride in the new homes San-Ken is building and truly wants all of his buyers to be happy. He accommodated all of our needs, be it access to inspect or timing of closings. As we are meeting each of our neighbors we were not surprised but highly impressed that each of them also speak glowingly of Kenny – how he cares and goes above and beyond. We were truly blessed to have Kenny working on both ends of our move.

Tom S.

Working with San-Ken Homes was such a wonderful experience for buyers that I was working with to find the perfect home. They found that home in Milford at Autumn Oaks. The quality of construction far passed the buyers and my expectations. There were many floor plans to fit anyone’s live style and extra attention was paid to every detail. It was the first home that they looked at and the last. The home was promised to be built in a certain time frame and it closed right on time. San-Ken Homes has an exceptional team that works very closely with the buyers, which made the transaction stress free for all parties involved. I highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of building a new home.

Donna H.Realtor

We had a house built by San-Ken about a year ago. They were great to work with. Several rounds of plan changes were done. Addition of a second driveway about a couple weeks from completion. We had special construction requirements (wife is a potter). Some framing changes were needed as we noticed that some room widths needed to be changed. Then at the end, our old house sold and we had to hurry the move in a bit. No issues, they we EXTREMELY accommodating to our needs.

Dana N.